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I tried the game on PC, worked fine... until the last Tetris sequence crashed!
Besides that, it's so fun! The mechanics have great narrative potential! I didn't get to read the end because of the crash, but the suspense really works. As a fan of tetris and narrative games, I thought it was a really refreshing experience, I'm sure the concept could be applied to a longer game where we get to delve deeper into the characters stories and personalities through different puzzle speed/modes.
Thoroughly enjoyed!

Hello. I am writing this right after finishing Redwood. I've been playing a lot of visual novels but none have touched me as profoundly as this.

The plot is simple, but you delve into the characters' conflict at once and in this case, that works! It's very engaging especially since it's a puzzle and time-limit type of game. Psychology interests me and there was a period when I tried to make sense of a lot of things, and it's amazing how you can capture the nuances between all the things Trinity (or anyone) could say. I'm wondering if you or anyone from your team is a professional in the field (or studying it maybe?) because I don't think just anyone could pull off the script. It's filled with gray areas rather than black and white.

It's different from the visual novels I've seen that present their characters in situations like those of your characters, because here it's not dead-end.

The music during the Tetris parts feels inspiring, but not the overwhelming cheerfulness kind.

This really made my day. This is super insightful and I hope a bright future for it!! I'm a great fan of this and would like to follow your works. Let me know if there's any way for me to support. I'd consider financial if only I had a stable job at the moment. Anyway, let me know, please! I've already started telling my closest friends about it. Have a nice day!!

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Wow Thanks so much! You comment made MY day! :)

We were all just regular undergrad students working on the game so no professionals here, but my script editor really appreciates the compliment!  The most you can do to support the game is to share it.  Thanks for telling your friends about it, and most importantly thanks for playing!

I'm so happy that someone really likes the game and that it comes across well.  It was difficult only having one semester to work on it so there were a lot of what-ifs.  Do you have any feedback on how I could make the game better?

Hey, sorry for the late reply.... In terms of making the game better, maybe check the Tetris parts of the game? What I experienced  was that some Tetris blocks stopped rotating all of a sudden. I'm not sure if there's just a limit to the number of times we could rotate or what. If it's valuable information, I used the PC version of the game. :)